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The Gated Road Jean S. MacLeod

The Gated Road

Jean S. MacLeod

Published 1960
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Jane Thorntons life was in ruinsAn accident had destroyed her dancing career, and her fiance and her own sister had fallen suddenly in love. Jane had the weight of more than one grief in her heart the day she went to High Tor to break a piece of bad news to Adam Drummond, her sisters fiance. When she arrived, she found that her task was even harder than she imagined. The road to Adam’s farm was punctuated by gates, blocking the way to intruders, and they seemed like symbols of the barriers that he put round his own heart to keep out love. But Adam didnt need her sympathy. He needed a fiance - and he insisted that Jane take her sisters place. Yet more than one woman, it appeared, wanted to find a way through his defences. Which of them would succeed?