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Eve: Redemption (Eve Series) Rebecca Tinkle

Eve: Redemption (Eve Series)

Rebecca Tinkle

Published July 19th 2013
Kindle Edition
168 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This is not your mother’s creation story.Recently divorced from her life-long partner Adam, the reincarnated Eve finds herself in present day New York working for a corporation whose mission matches her own: restoring peace on the Earth. Eve soon discovers that the founder of the company, who she is desperately attracted to, is her old friend from the garden Lucas. Masquerading as human, Lucas confesses that he has come back to Earth on a quest for redemption and ultimately to win her heart.The question blazes through her mind: Can she believe him? He is, after all, the Devil. Can she trust the most deplorable being in history when he pleads for forgiveness? She is torn between the hope that she can finally right the wrongs of her past and her fear of history repeating itself.