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Wellness: Just a State of Mind? Eldon Taylor

Wellness: Just a State of Mind?

Eldon Taylor

Published December 28th 1992
ISBN : 9781559780346
105 pages
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 About the Book 

I just read this fascinating book called Wellness is a state of mind by Eldon Taylor, I posted some key messages on FB as I read the book. At the end of the book a 100 questions had to answered. The result was This subject is in control, capable of high pain thresholds, finds life invigorating is optimistic and generally loves living............really a very fascinating read and I can highly recommend it!Some questions posed in the book that really make thinkWhat if disease was not something you caught but a behavioral strategy ?What would happen if we changed our beliefs and energies and expected to be well?Why do we accept age as the start of the decay of or bodies ?Could it be that we do not experience miraculous healing, extended life spans and good health because we have been conditioned. Do we learn to be sick?