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Spoiled Ann Barker


Ann Barker

Published April 1st 2010
ISBN : 9780709094654
224 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Evangeline Granby is so tired of her aunts lectures on morality that she allows a handsome young gallant to take her to an inn--where they indulge in a desperate and very improper flirtation. Never expecting to see him again, Evangeline is horrified to discover that he is the Reverend Michael Buckleigh, the newly appointed curate for the village where she lives. Michael is just as horrified, for he has already blotted his copybook and this new appointment is his last chance to make amends. The attraction between the pair flares at subsequent meetings, but Michael knows that, however spoiled Evangeline may be, her father will never consent to their blossoming love. Soon Michael must face the infamous Lord Ashbourne and risk everything he has so that he and Evangeline might attain the happiness they yearn for.