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Vitamin Q Jim Brogan

Vitamin Q

Jim Brogan

Published April 5th 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Bright and handsome Nico Gonzalez, now approaching thirty, feels like he’s finally got his life in order when he starts dating the sexy high-tech whiz Shane. After being dumped by a guy who suddenly bolted back into heterosexuality, Nicos delighted to be dating a genuine gay man. But life has different plans for our confused suitor when, during a rousing game of basketball, he meets and falls for Grady, the kind of stunning blond he finds all too easy to idolize. Grady eagerly reciprocates Nicos flirting, but he takes his sweet time to reveal that he’s in a monogamous relationship with Kim, a luscious Polynesian lawyer. Nicos been here before, but despite the self-recriminations, he can’t stop himself. He and Grady embark on a maddeningly unpredictable relationship, filled with outdoor adventures, wild sensuality, and a shared love of the Seattle Mariners. The odd couple thrives in ways both courageous and devious, but while the fluid Grady readily accepts massive doses of Vitamin Q in order to be with Nico, he panics and can’t “flip the switch” to commit to a man. Part romantic comedy, part bisexual manifesto, VITAMIN Q explores an exciting new approach to romantic relationships in which men and women can finally allow themselves to be who they truly are, however ambiguous that may be.