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Sauce Labels, 1750 1950 John Salter

Sauce Labels, 1750 1950

John Salter

Published July 26th 2006
ISBN : 9781851494316
184 pages
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 About the Book 

Silver bottle labels for oil and vinegar (generally called sauce labels) first made their appearance in the 1750s to adorn oil and vinegar bottles either in a two-bottle stand, or in a five-item Warwick cruet. This book reflects the lively interest in sauce labels of several long-standing active members of the Wine Circle and is a book for collectors of silver, glass and recipes. It explores two aspects of antiquarian interest: the collection of silver and of glass. There is an inter-relation between the sauce label and bottle frames, both made of silver, and the various types of glass bottles, decanters and vessels that the labels once adorned. It is the first detailed work to be published on the subject of silver labels to adorn cruets soy, vinegar and pickle bottles in the frame. Frames and their bottles can still be bought for use on the dining table, often in conjuction with flavoured vinegars purchased at the supermarket and then decanted. The book affords an opportunity for the glass enthu